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Monday, 8 October 2012

Eleanor's House - Orange Beauties...

I have been getting some of our furniture reupholstered at the moment by our fabulous upholsterer and long time friend of esdesign, Geoff Fiebig.  Unfortunately, a bit like the exterior paint choice this has proved to be quite difficult as I have been faced with too many options.

As the access to our house isn't great we were fortunate to inherit all the existing furniture,  mainly because it was too hard to get out of the house!! It was all made in 1979, upholstered in Sanderson fabric - the frames and the fabric are excellent quality but the Sanderson really isn't what I had in mind and is starting to wear in areas.  I think it did pretty well for 30 years.

There are 2 of these sofas - they are very large at nearly 2.3m wide but they were also very low.


Having thought long and hard about what to put on them I remembered that I had brought a roll of corduroy velvet back from the Denholm Velvet Factory in England and had popped it in storage.  Perfect.  We decided to remove the skirt around the bottom and put legs on them to make them stand a little taller....et voila!


Orange Beauties - I love them.  Thanks Geoff.

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