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Thursday, 7 May 2015

SHOWcase Wellington, 2015

Just over a month ago, esdesign were invited to participate in an exciting new positioning event on the 2nd of May. The event was called SHOWcase, and was used to introduce a new brand concept to the movers and shakers of Wellington, and create a palpable buzz in the city about the design and creative sector.

A group of Wellington creatives got together and developed a template, a potential incentive to get Wellingtonians excited again about the local and New Zealand design scene. They wanted to include creative input from a range of designers; fashion, furniture, interiors, illustrators, hair stylists, producers, photographers, models, landscapers and more. Their vision came together to create Wellington’s premier design show  —

SHOW believes: Design is something you feel and fashion is the way we live.
SHOW presents: a series of conceptual exhibits with a focus on designer collaboration and creative community.
SHOW celebrates: the professionals who are bringing the standard for art, design and fashion in the capital.
SHOW combines: all the elements that make up a Wellington lifestyle to create an immersive and unique event.
SHOW offers: a window into how this world is created revealing the layers of thought behind the product.
SHOW is all about: what moves designers to create, make and influence.

To help bring our portion of the show to life, we were teamed up with renowned fashion designer Trelise Cooper, and set about creating a sumptuous, luxe, layered, rich stage for her eight chosen models to be presented in. We filled a two-toned palette of teal and copper with further copper accents, lush velvets, striking light fittings and layers of wallpaper. Go bold or go home we say!

We must send a huge thank you to the wonderful suppliers who generously offered us the use of their product to help bring our space to life. These included; Wire pendant lights and Lumen bulb pendants from Mr. Ralph, paint and anaglypta wallpaper by Resene, copper accessories and side table from Maytime, and a host of wallpapers and fabrics from Unique Fabrics, Textilia, Seneca, Diva International, Charles Parsons, Warwick Fabrics and Westbury Textiles, and all products used are available for purchase through esdesign.

The response we received from the 150 guests that came through our space on the night was tremendous - there's nothing like a tight deadline to keep the adrenaline pumping for a few weeks but it was so worth the challenge when we stood back to see just what we'd managed to achieve.
Don't get us wrong, we love all our dear 'everyday' clients! But this opportunity gave us the chance to really strut our stuff in the Wellington design scene, pushing the limits a little and having a whole lot of fun along the way!

In the years to come, SHOW aims to continue revitalizing and reinvigorating Wellington's design scene with a series of conceptual events that steer away from fashion’s traditional catwalk presentation and move towards design collaboration and lifestyles. Fashion design, interior design, landscaping, architecture, visual art, hair style, make up, furniture, lighting, paint, colour, fabric, space and setting will all come together once again to inspire and delight.

We are looking forward to being  a part of SHOW in the future, and in the meantime, enjoy some of the piccies that were taken of our space on the night!

All images by Michael Farr, Peanut Butter Vibes & Bex McGill
Original source www.facebook.com/show.capital

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