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Thursday, 18 September 2014

One from the Archives: A Furry Project

When esdesign was first born in Thorndon nearly ten years ago, we had a special sewing machine for making rugs out of sheepskin. On hearing this we were approached by a lovely elderly chap with a special request; to sew a multitude of vintage rabbit furs into a large bed quilt!

No matter your thoughts on animal products these days, these furs that had been stored for half a century were put to a much better use as Eleanor and I sewed and patched these beautiful pelts together until we couldn't see for the mist of fur in the air and up our noses! Once the cover was completed, it was backed and edged with a beautiful soft faux suede, however Eleanor and I declared, 'Never again!' as we were cleaning up fur for months on end. Oh the things you do when starting out in business!

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