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Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Block NZ 2013 - Week 3

There seemed to be a running theme of black and white across the competition this week - but I would have to agree with the judges that there was something about the inclusion of the timber shelving to Loz and Tom's slick bathroom that clinched it this time round.

When used on smooth, flat, light reflective surfaces such as those in a bathroom, the combination of black with white can be quite harsh and clinical in feel - so mixing in the natural timber finish creates wonderful warmth and a touch of 'homeliness' without taking away from the overall contemporary aesthetic. If well prepped, sealed, installed and maintained, the timber should last just as well as a laminate or veneered wet room surface.

Perhaps not so hot? The choice of bath and basin! It is so easy to be seduced by the latest Italian designed products in glossy magazines or the bright shiny sanitaryware display in the local plumbing showroom - but it is so important to think really carefully about the practicality of your final choices.
The smooth, rounded lines of their uber shallow basin are great to look at, but not so practical when you're wanting to pop the plug in and fill it with water for a decent hand or face wash, and watch out for splash back from the tap in a shallow dish like this!

Freestanding baths create beautiful features in designer bathrooms - but are you keen to scramble around on all fours trying to clear the dust bunnies from down the back? Or fish out that facecloth/pair of undies/bar of soap that your child tossed onto the floor? What works for a professional couple may not work so well for a family bathroom - keep your end user or market in mind at all times!

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