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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bill - The French Polisher

When esdesign first began - we had a teeny tiny wee workshop down on the Old Hutt Road in Thorndon, in front of the furniture restoration company, Form Furniture. There, we worked alongside some very talented old souls and wonderful characters - one of whom was Bill.
He has the thickest Scottish accent, a brilliant sense of humor and an extremely talented pair of hands for the dying art of French polishing - the wood finishing technique that involves painstakingly applying thin layer upon thin layer of shellac to the timber surface that results in a very high gloss surface and deep, rich colour.

Back then, we used to do most of the timber restoration ourselves on our client's chairs, so he taught us many tips and tricks for making the old pieces look like new again!

We've been having a clean out of our photos recently - (a lot of photo documenting has gone on over the last 8 years of business!) and came across this lovely one of the man himself. Ahh memories!

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