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Monday, 24 September 2012

Eleanor's House - Lighting

We are having a dilemma at the moment about light fittings - now that the girls' rooms have their wallpaper up and the hallway is being painted I really need to get my hurry on.

I think the previous owner bought a job lot of not very savoury lights - as every room has the same one...just like this one in Molly's room. They have now been re-homed at the Salvation Army.

Molly has spent a while looking at light fittings and has decided to go with the Matariki shade from our dear friends at Joug Design - this will compliment her wallpaper and curtains. 

For Elsbeth's room she was very keen to have a chandelier.  In our lounge we have two chandeliers that were installed in 1979 when the house was converted back into a home from being flats after WWII.  She wanted something similar.  I found on Trademe a chandelier identical, but smaller, for her from a gentleman who restores vintage (mainly 1960's and 1970's) light fittings.  It was cost effective, in fabulous condition and arrived ready for install - perfect.  Images to follow.....

I wanted something large in the hall but not too expensive.  I had always liked the Ikea Maskros light but I have a dear friend who also has it in her hallway .... eek the whole copy cat problem.  Anyway - another interior designer friend had brought one into NZ and it was too big for her client so offered it to me - I decided I loved it too much and went for it - ah well -  imitation is a form of flattery.

Here is my hallway - the main light fitting is down the end where the front door is...

Here is the Maskros light fitting from Ikea...

I will keep you posted on developments in the hallway once the painting is completed!

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