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Monday, 10 September 2012

Eleanor's House - External Paint Colours

 In the Summer - yes Summer will be here quicker than we know it - we are booked in to have the exterior of our house painted.  This is what it looks like from the harbour side facing north...

... and from the west facing side.

To do this we will need to choose a colour and I think this is going to prove to be a very difficult decision.  I have always wanted to go very dark on the weather boards with white contrast trim but my Husband will need convincing!

I have been going dizzy on Pinterest looking at schemes to get some inspiration - here are a few....

From Poppytalk

From Ebossnow


  1. I love a dark exterior. Not sure if you've noticed but in Featherston the hat shop painted themselves black and it is striking! It fits in well with their art deco theme and seems so glamorous.

  2. Hi Eleanor - We have a very dark dark grey/black house (Karen Walker Fucous Grey) with 1/4 Spanish white trim - and we love it - doesn't need to be retouched all that often. You've been to our place in Island Bay. Linda


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