Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rugged Up

We get many requests from customers looking for great rugs - we are so often tempted by the beautiful rugs featured on sites like Design*sponge or Pinterest, only to find they are only available in America or Europe, and shipping these sorts of things is just asking for headaches, not to mention the ridiculous costs that go with it. So we are forever on the hunt for fabulous rugs that we can get our mits on easily for our kiwi customers!

We currently have three great rugs in store - two from a great Christchurch supplier that are really well priced, 100% wool rugs. Our third rug is a fabulous sheepskin rug by Wanaka Living, a more top end style and superb quality, perfect for our NZ living and family rooms.

We are also really excited to have a fourth rug on order from Harlequin, the company that brings us such fresh, bright, vibrant fabrics and wallpapers. This will be available to order from us just like the fabrics, so we'll keep you posted on when it arrives!

Don't forget, we also have the ability to custom make rugs to perfectly suit any interior environment - so speak to us about your options - it can be surprisingly cost competitive!

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