Thursday, 29 March 2012

Eleanor's House - Girls' Bedrooms

After a 2 year search the Steel family found their dream home and moved in last May, and so after almost a year in situ we have now decided to get things moving on the reno front. We are very excitied - well I am! The projects ahead of us will involve every area of the house - from childrens rooms to kitchen and bathrooms.

This is the beginning of what I know will be a long journey - I invite you to join me on this journey and hope that you will get some ideas out of it, even if it is what not to do!.

We are starting downstairs in the girls' rooms, TV room and creating a new bedroom for our son, Jack.

If you know anything about children you will know that generally they are untidy - my solution is to give the girls wardrobes that are the size of small countries. My plan is then to put anything and everything that belongs to them in these large storage units and hope that I can then transit across their rooms (and the rest of the house) without injuring myself.  Here are some images of the wardrobe progress.

My eldest daughter's bedroom post wallpaper stripped - pre tidy!!!

My parents are currently visiting from the UK and are convinced that if we have an earthquake the wardrobe would be the safest place to take cover! I managed to source some old doors for these wardrobes - I will keep you updated on progress.

Over the last few weeks we have had my 18 year old cousin and her friend here from the UK on their Gap Year. Board doesn't come free - they have managed to strip the wallpaper from the bottom floor of the house. In future blogs we will look at decorating these spaces.

Our house has 2 hallways on the bottom floor. The original front door and veranda had become redundant and so we are keen to use it as our main entrance. This left us with a 1.8m x 4.4m space plus an entrance porch - see below...wait and see what we are going to do with it!

 Just moved in - still unpacking...

Wallpaper stripped and ready for the builders. Recycled wardrobe doors for the girls' rooms.

Bye for now!

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