Friday, 10 February 2012

One From the Archives - 'Ohtel'

Did you know that 4 years ago, esdesign were the team who helped pull together the interior fit out of the then new hotel, 'Ohtel' on Oriental Parade, Wellington?

We worked closely with designer and hotel owner Alan Blundell to create his vision of a boutique 10 room,  mid century flavoured destination accommodation spot.

No two rooms are alike, with each featuring an eclectic range of mid century furniture sourced from all over the world. Once all the furniture had made it's way to NZ, we were responsible for specifying all the interior colours, fabrics, lighting, flooring and finishes for each of the rooms and lobby/dining area, as well as co-ordinating and carrying out the upholstery and restoration work for all the furniture pieces. It was all topped off by styling each room with the myriad of mid century ceramics and artwork Alan had painstakingly collected with the hotel in mind.

Go and treat yourself to a weekend in the coolest little 'Ohtel' in Wellington to check it out first hand!

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