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Monday, 7 March 2011

A Little Inspiration

Looking for a bit of inspiration for your weary old Monday? 
Nikki's been fossicking through our bundles of fabric scraps and remnants and is in the midst of putting together this amazing quilt. Just one of the many things you can do with the offcuts we have here, waiting for your hot little hands now! We'll make sure she shares the finished product with you too. Catch her over at Nickel Pickel to see her trials and tribulations and to learn why it's so important to measure twice, cut once, and PIN things!

And GUESS WHAT!? If you pop into the store and mention that you've seen this post on our blog, we'll give you a massive thank you by giving you free reign through all the fabric bundles. That's right, you can pick through them and take whatever you like from whichever bundle to make up the ultimate quilters package and we'll do you a mates rates deal. 
We've got fabric coming out of our ears, people. Make us an offer, they'll all be considered. Just promise us you'll send us piccies of your finished creations!

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