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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

'Fantails' by Sarah Shepherd

                                                Images from Hemptech

One of our favourite fabrics at the moment is the beautiful 'fantails' design by New Zealand textile artist and designer Sarah Sheperd. Here's a little blurb from her about the printed linen.

'Fantails are one of the darling birds of the New Zealand bush.  They are a delightful companion on any bush walk as they dart around catching the tiny insects that are being disturbed. Their chaotic flight style is so distinctive, perfectly punctuated with the flashes of their fanned tail feathers. 

The fantails are paired with corokia cotoneaster (Maori name Korokia).  It also has very whimsical movements, but in its branch growth.  While its berries similarly echo the fantails little round bodies so visually they make a perfect match.'

Come and see these sweet birds of the bush at esdesign today!

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