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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Brit O'Hara - 'Meandering Summer'

As four of us here at esdesign are design graduates ourselves, we love to support New Zealand's up and coming design talent, so every year Eleanor takes part in the moderation of the third year textile programme at Massey University.
Esdesign then sponsors the printing of the final design of the top awarded student, and makes their 3 metre drop into cushions that are then sold through our store, with profit going back to the winning student.

This year's winner was Brit O'Hara, and we have just put all her finished cushions out on the shop floor for sale! Her design - called 'Meandering Summer' - features stylised scenes from Oriental Parade in Wellington, and comes in a fresh, gorgeous blue and off-white colouring.

Come in and check out some fantastic up and coming talent!


  1. Gorgeous! I like this pattern very much...

  2. I adore these - please, please Brit make some more!

  3. Charlotte, we love it too!
    Karen, we are trying our best to convince her...!


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