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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Cotton & Flax

Erin Dollar is the owner, maker, and designer behind Cotton & Flax. Since 2010, she has been creating limited edition textile goods, as well as fine art prints on paper, from her home studio in Los Angeles, California. 
Each step of the creation of Cotton & Flax textiles is completed by Erin, beginning with the pattern design and the selection of heirloom quality fabrics. Erin draws each pattern by hand using brush and ink, and the drawing is later transferred to a silkscreen to create multiples on textiles. When it comes time to do the printing, Erin scours local sources to find beautiful linen and linen blend fabrics to hand print with her designs. She then carefully hand prints each piece of fabric with her original designs, which she later sews into pillows, teatowels, napkins, or coasters.
See more on her website here: http://cottonandflax.com/

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my work! Much appreciated :)


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