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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tarlo & Graham - Melbourne

If you're looking for visual deliciousness, check out the Facebook photo album of design store Tarlo & Graham (or better yet, head to the store itself if you're around Melbourne any time soon!).
You'll see wave after wave of fabulous vintage furniture, finds and trinkets - feast with your eyes and drool away with glee, I know we have! It's like a Victorian curiosity cabinet but on a massive scale! Woot!


  1. LOVE! Probably just as well they are a plane ride away, I would spend up large in there (the deer antlers are safe, they can keep those).

    1. Yes we agree, you'd have to keep your credit card tucked somewhere safe!
      That, and it could pose a problem trying to get some of it home on the plane... :)


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