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Monday, 27 August 2012

Eleanor's House - Children's Bedrooms

Designing and decorating children's bedrooms can give you a headache.  Not only are you dealing with multiple spaces - sometimes all at the same time as I am - but also with multiple personalities.  I wanted to create spaces that the kids can sleep, work and play in, but would also give them longevity.  It is unlikely that I will be redecorating them again anytime soon.

Rightly or wrongly I gave the girls - aged 15 and 10 - free reign on choosing wallpaper, curtaining etc. They both have their own distinct style (I did give them some guidence). My advice to any parent doing this is that you have to set some guidelines otherwise the result will be a migraine enabling kaleidoscope. Also, we did this over a period of time - a few months.

Last week you saw my post about Molly's bedroom in progress - this week it's our youngest daughter, Elsbeth's turn.

Elsbeth picked out something very traditional right from the beginning. She was adament that this was the one and ended up with her choice. She didn't change her mind in 12 months. It is Sanderson's beautiful magnolia bloom design called 'Grandiflora'.

It features a very large scale floral pattern and though it comes in some more subtle shades - Elsbeth elected for the colour way below - chartreuse and steel (very appropriate) and a mass impact on a 3.3m stud wall... WOW!

and here is a sneek peek of how it looks so far..........

...more deliciousness to follow....

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