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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tom Kluyskens - Octo Stool

 Images belong to Tom Kluyskens,sourced from http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomkluyskens/with/4970407855/     
 We are now the lucky stockists of the 'Octo Stool' by Belgian born kiwi Tom Kluyskens. They are made of high quality marine plywood, with a coloured phenol coating.

Here's a bit about them: 'The Octo Stool is an exercise in waste-reduction. The pieces of the stool fit perfectly in a square, and 8 squares fit perfectly in a standard sheet of plywood.' 

Waste reduction? We like the sound of that.
The stool is designed to clip and slot together with holes and pegs - no glue or fasteners required. Superb!
We currently have a red, white and yellow stool in store. Come check 'em out!

To top it off, we also have Tom's range of ply hooks - made with the same marine ply and phenol coated finish, they are a really fun and quirky way to dress up an entry or coat hanging area! Go for a set of the same colour or one of each!

For more info and eye candy check out Tom's website here - where you will soon be able to place your customised orders and follow them through from woe to go!

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